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Calvary Health Care ACT


Calvary Centre for Palliative Care Research

Australian Catholic UniversityA collaborative centre embedded in the Mission, Vision and Values of Calvary Health Care ACT and the Australian Catholic University.


Mission (why we exist)
To promote optimal health in the community regarding issues of death and dying, and advance palliative and end-of-life care through innovative, collaborative programs of interdisciplinary, nursing-led research.

Vision (what we are striving to do)
To be, and to be recognised as, a leader in promoting healthy community attitudes to issues of death and dying, and the advancement of palliative and end-of-life care at regional, national and international levels through excellence and leadership in research and scholarship.

Objectives (how we will do it)

  1. Develop, conduct and evaluate a program of research that provides leadership in the critical examination of current trends and evidence based practice in palliative care:
    1. Attract funding to support research projects through competitive grants, consultancy funds, and other sources.
    2. Initiate and conduct innovative, collaborative research which is nationally and internationally competitive and of demonstrable value to CHC-ACT and ACU.
    3. Investigate specific community issues relating to death and dying in the community.
    4. Investigate specific clinical practice problems relating to palliative care end-of-life care identified by clinical organisations.
  2. Provide a functional link between Calvary Health Care ACT [CHC-ACT] and the Australian Catholic University [ACU]:
    1. Develop productive and innovative links between CHC-ACT clinicians and ACU academic staff.
    2. Promote the CCPRC as a collaborative activity of CHC-ACT and ACU.
    3. Support the development of research skills for staff of both CHC-ACT and ACU.
    4. Provide supervision of higher degree research students studying in fields relevant to palliative and end-of-life care.
    5. Support the ACU teaching program by contributing in areas of content expertise as appropriate.
  3. Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with other clinical organisations and academic institutions, peak bodies and government entities in the Australian Capital Territory, across Australia and internationally, to achieve the objectives of the CCPCR:
    1. Collaborate in the development and conduct of a program of research.
    2. Contribute to the provision of expert opinion through policy review, professional consultation and other means.
    3. Represent CCPCR on governance groups, consultative bodies and/or working parties.
    4. Promote CCPCR as an emerging leader in palliative care research.
  4. Contribute to scholarly discourse and the dissemination of research findings within CHC-ACT and ACU and beyond:
    1. Maintain scholarly publications in peer-reviewed journals and books.
    2. Participate in and present at relevant conferences.
    3. Contribute to public discourse on issues of death and dying, palliative and end-of-life care through engagement with the media, public speaking, representation on community groups, and other means.

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Calvary Centre for Palliative Care Research
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